Frequently asked questions, answered.

Bloodhound XTN Questions

One. Only a front bushing is needed as the arrow end is secured by an integrated ring in the aluminum.

100 grains with the retention spring and screw, but without the pin nock. The supplied compound bow pin nock weighs in at 4 grains. The crossbow flat nock = 9.2 grains, 1/2 moon nock = 9.5 grains, and capture nock = 10.2 grains.

Yes, both come in at a total of 100 grains + the pin nock.

Yes, the retention spring / spring screw, the bushings, and the pin nock are all replaceable. So is the USB charging kit and the Magnetic Off Wand.

Yes, you can even select which unique Tracking Nock, 1-6, you want to go with or add to your arsenal.

No, all Trackers come with at least one Tracking Nock and two practice nocks which is the Starter Kit.

Yes, on the front bushing you want the opening in the bushing to match an opening in the aluminum. This will help assure it stays on best. The arrow end bushing does not have a recommended position, only that it stays at the end of the battery holder shaft.

Yes, the crossbow version has a long retention spring, the compound bow being a shorter spring.

It is easiest if you slightly lean the nock toward the opening in the bushing and slide it in from that angle. That helps the bushing front corner clear the arrow shaft end and slide in.

Yes, you should be able to reuse it many times provided you do not hit hard surfaces such as stones or a tree. In those cases the electronics could be damaged, and you may also have damaged the plastic fins.

Yes, the cable & power supply are interchangeable between the Tracking Nock and the Tracker.

Yes, we provide ground shipping free of charge on our Tracking Nocks.

We recommend using your standard set-up when adding the Tracking Nock. The fins will act partially as vanes during flight, but we think your standard vanes / feathers are also important for best stability.

Yes, because the Tracking Nock has a lot more in it than a standard nock, the Tracking Nock is heavier. We recommend you site in your bow while using the Practice Tracking Nocks or Live Tracking Nocks as the point of impact will be lower when compared to using plain nocks.

Check your setup and shoot your arrow with the Tracking Nock installed. You will find the fins act like the rear wings on an air plane, a fish, or a bird in that being at the rear most point of the projectile it will help in the stability. Depending on your FOC and spine starting point, you may want to make adjustments so we recommend contacting your local dealer for further support in FOC or spine tweaks.

Yes, the Tracking Nock is activated upon string release. Keep in mind our goal is to reduce the number of lost game, and this is not a 100% guarantee of game recovery. If the arrow is hanging out of your side of the target, it will be activated, and as long as the arrow stays in the target and you are within range, the Tracker will point you to your target. Sometime when an arrow is embedded in an animal the arrow may break in half, or pull out from the entrance side, and in those cases the Tracker will point you to where that happened and the Tracking Nock is left. In this situation, use that as a major step and try your blood trailing again. In some cases the hole may have opened up more now that the arrow is out, or the animal is closer to final death and may not be so far away. Continue looking for the next blood drop or the downed animal in the direction it appears to have been headed.

Yes, the pin is a standard size arrow pin, and other pin nocks can be used.

We recommend making sure the two nubs on the fins (same side as the XTN #, or P for the practice XTN) are facing up in order to avoid potential of them dragging on the rail.

Yes, the nubs on the fins (same side as the Tracking Nock #) should align with the USB Charging Adapter insertion hole. The nubs are there to protect that the Tracking Nock is not inserted into the USB Charging Adapter backwards.

Yes, we have both club and dealer discounts? Please contact us for the proper price list.

3d target Questions

Most are solid competition quality foam from nose to tail. Repair kits are available for when a target may need repair. We have a few with replaceable inserts such as the Strutting Turkey and Fighting Deer.

A club kit and a single target kit are available for repairs. The club kit can fix approximately 8-10 medium sized targets with a bored out hole around the 10 ring. The single target kit is made to repair a single medium sized target.

The targets are made for use by the whole family. What we mean is the arrows are a pleasure to pull by women, children, and men alike. The heavier the draw weight and the faster the arrow speed, the harder it will be to pull, like all foam targets. While customers tell us our foam is the best for durability and arrow pull, a crossbow bolt will be harder to pull than a traditional bow arrow.

The targets are made to be left outdoors year round. They have an outer coating to fight the weather elements and sun.

The process we use when making the targets is to paint the mold, then shoot in the foam. The foam and paint bond, providing a lasting paint job that cannot be accomplished when painting a target after it is molded.

We do not add any structural bars, the targets are solid foam from nose to tail, a benefit from a solid one piece target. In our medium and larger targets, the pole holes in the legs are lined with metal conduit in order to provide best quality, as the metal conduit does not break when being held up with rebar. We also provide metal conduit for the plug in of the antlers / horns.

No, in production we use a special blend that is purpose built for long life self healing, best arrow stopping, best arrow pull feel, and all weather conditions. The repair kit is very similar foam, but is not so sensitive to temperature variations when being stored as is the production foam.

Purchase direct from KIRSCH, or contact KIRSCH for a dealer near you.

On our website we publish shows we will be at including archery shoots. Contact us for more information such as a club near you that may have our targets.

Contact us with your list of targets you would like to purchase, and we will work up a quote for you.

We pack as smart as possible and ship most economically as possible. When shipping multiple targets we will pack them onto a pallet minimizing air that is shipped. Let us know what targets you are looking to purchase, and we can provide the shipping quote to you.