Who we are

KIRSCH is about extending the outdoor adventures.  We believe in supporting opportunities for all experience levels to enjoy wilderness.  We take trust in the engaged outdoorsman to usefully utilize and preserve our valuable natural resources.
Through providing the most fun 3-D targets we support archers elevating the quality of their shooting experiences.  More fun is the result we aim for, and believe that to be universal.  The Leitold 3D-Targets are the choice for sport shooting and life-like training providing over 140 unique competition quality targets to interest any outdoorsman.
Through the tracking nock we developed and manufacture, we equip the outdoorsman with the tool to recover his or her game when other methods fail.  The Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock gives the hunter a blood trail backup, aiding the hunter in recovery of their game.  Through this we encourage responsible usage of the wild resources, and provide the memories that helps drive the outdoorsman to return again.
Leitold 3D-Targets, designed by Gerhard Leitold, a 30-year Master Taxidermist and big game hunter, are unique, real-life like, with easy arrow pull for the whole family. They are built for easy set-up and durability to harsh outdoor elements.  Leitold implements self-healing qualities for long term use by the best of 3D archery clubs and competitions.  Enjoy the experience.
KIRSCH, LLC is located in Southeast Wisconsin, a central location for North American hunting.  Founder and President, Phillip Kirsch, while spending his lifetime hunting and enjoying the outdoors, comes from the design, manufacturing, and distribution background.  He leads with the driving force to help outdoor sportsmen and women improve on their skills and finish strong.  Through the full-service distribution center of the Leitold 3D-Targets, and the passionate development and manufacturing of the original Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock we strive to extend the outdoor adventures of our customers.