Over 140 unique bow hunting targets

Durable competition quality self healing foam – built for long target life and great value.

KIRSCH XTN Bloodhound Tracking Nock

Recover more game in less time.

Bloodhound XTN Tracking Nock

Helping you recover more game with less grid searches, bring back your meat in less time with less spoilage, and less risk from other predators finding your trophy before you do.

  • Upon being shot, the integrated ultra-bright LED lights activate to let you know it is on
  • Pulls off the back of your arrow during arrow pass through of the target
  • Secures to the fatally shot game giving you a blood trail backup
  • Interacts with your hand held Tracker up to 400 yards away
  • Tracker points you to any of up to 6 unique Bloodhound XTNs
  • Helps you recover your trophy when other methods fail
  • Encouraging deadly arrow pass through

The most realistic 3D Targets on the market

Hand-made and Hand-painted

It’s about the fun, the experience.  A unique adventure.  For sport and life-like training, the Leitold Targets are the latest in 3D archery.

  • Over 140 unique targets of animals from around the world – always something new for your course
  • Incredible real-life appearance and easy arrow pull – are more fun for frequent shooting by the whole family
  • Weather and UV resistant, durable competition quality self healing foam – built for long target life and great value
3D Bear Archery Target


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